What is Spoook? And who is James McMahon?

James McMahon is a journalist from London via the industrial north. For a long time he was the Features Editor of legendary British music paper NME. For even longer he was the Editor of the British rock magazine Kerrang! In and amongst this, he has written for The Face, Evening Standard, The Guardian/Observer, Vice, The Spectator and more. He has talked about pop music on BBC Radio One, Channel 4, and Sky News. He plays in the bands Jobbers and Sister Death. In December 2021 he made ‘Look At What You Could Have Won’, a documentary about OCD, the shifting sands of working class Britain and his favourite TV gameshow, Bullseye.

Spoook is his digital magazine-cum-media organization. Spoook makes podcasts, releases music and promotes events. Every week he publishes the playlist Here Is The Music I Am Listening To This Week. It sort of does what it says on the tin. It is read by over 2,000 people around the global music industry. He publishes The James McMahon Music Podcast every week. You can listen to that on this Substack!

For more on James, visit his website at www.jamesjammcmahon.com.

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