So-called cancel culture is what happens in the absence of politics. Because all political decisions are dictated by "the market," and powerful people are above the law, & elections can change vibes but not policies, people feel powerless. What we call cancel-culture is a response to massive injustice around us that cannot find political/material expression and so is individualized. If the only political expression we are allowed is "as consumers," then our only tool is boycott and posting negative reviews.

Seems to me, the only solution to our collective situation is material politics and material demands. We need unions and economic pressure points, we need to organize around material needs: universal healthcare, rent control, higher wages, etc. And we need to leave the culture war alone. Everybody needs to drop their weapons in the culture war and realize it as the trap it is. You can't beat the pedophilic Nazis who run this world with mean words.

Anyway - the Dalai Lama already admitted being on the payroll of the CIA for his entire life (although he claims to have quit working for them - which isn't something I knew you could do - always assumed it was kind of a blood-in, blood-out kind of mafia). We should ask MCA about that too.

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