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Episode 183: V V Brown

Episode 183: V V Brown

V V Brown is back after what feels like an age away. It’s actually eight years, with little seen or heard of the Northampton born singer since the 2015 release of her third record Glitch. Now back and with a new record, Am I British Yet?, due for release on October 27th, the V V Brown that returns in 2023 is a different kind of Vanessa Brown that what we’ve seen before.

Sure, the new record is as melodic and impassioned as anything that has gone pror, as well as being fuelled by groove, sass and the 39 year old’s unwavering love of 90s hip hop. But while V V Brown has always had a voice – one of modern pop’s most remarkable singing voices in fact – on Am I British Yet?, as much a mediation on Black Britishness as a pop record, you might argue that Vanessa has found her voice. I don’t agree with everything she has to say, I think we might get into some of that when we swing around for part two - but I certainly enjoyed talking to her and exploring some of her ideas. And I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Watch this episode here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKep9hWc3H0&t=2s