Architects: an hour with drummer Dan Searle

This one goes deep

Mar 26, 2023

Architects have been one of my favourite bands for years now. Their drummer, Dan Searle, has been one of my favourite people in music just a little less than that.

I mean, come on now.

And so I’ve been hoping Dan would come on the podcast since it launched 18 months ago. Last week, on Friday, it finally happened - and I think it was worth the wait.

Over an hour of conversation we talked about cancel culture, our frustrations with the new left, why your favourite band is probably scared, the late and great Tom Searle, new Architects music and when to expect it, empathy, The 1975, Falling in Reverse, our complicated brains... and more. I’ll have the audio on the podcast feed next week - but I didn’t want to hang about putting this episode into the world.

I think what plays out in the episode, is an insight into one of the most heterodox people in the heavy music scene today. Enjoy the episode.

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